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Vladimir Franz

a composer

Vladimir Franz´s music creation is extensive. To date, he has composed stage music for almost 150 drama productions, including theatre performances (some of them were released on CD), stage oratorios Judith (Judit, 1999), Ruth (Rut, 2000) and Hercules (Herakles, 2002) and the musical Temptation of St Anthony (Pokuseni sv.Antonina, 2001).

He has composed some 150 songs and ballads, the folk suittes Love and Death (Laska a smrt, 1985) and Mardi grass (Masopust, 1984); music for the performances Construction of the Tower of Babel (Stavba Babylonske veze, 1994) and The Republic Celebrates its Birthday (Republika ma narozeniny, 2006); music for the multimedia project Icaros Ascending (Ikaruv vzestup, 1995); music for for radio plays Hamlet (2001), The Tempest (Boure, 2002), and Achajove (Achajove, 2007).

Furthemore, he has composed the chamber cantata The Cry of Spectres (Krik strasidel) to the same-name poem of a famous Czech poet and the Nobel Prize winner Jaroslav Seifert, the cantata for a mixed choir Tractatus Pacis (based on the text of a medieval European peace agreement proposal and some parts of biblical Apocalypse).

Vladimir Franz has also composed music for the TV play Historical Events (Dejinne udalosti); for the documentaries Journey to Sambhala (Cesta do Sambhaly) and Varga; music for Tomas Vorel´s feature film The Stone Bridge (Kamenny most, released on CD in 1996 and in 1997); part of the music for Vit Olmer´s movie Waterloo in the Czech Way (Waterloo po cesku, 2002); and music for Jakub Hussar´s feature sci-fi movie Skeletons (Skeletoni).

In addition, he has composed the symphony for solo voices, narrator, children´s choir, mixed choir, organ and orchestra Songs on solitudes (Pisne o Samotach, 2003; first performance 2004); the oratorio Ludus Danielis (1989) and the same-name opera (2001) (a special page is devoted to these two pieces); the opera-oratorio Valley of Dry Bones (Udoli suchych kosti, 2009); the "pocket oratorio" Young Men in the Stew (Mladenci v peci ohnive, 2007); the opera The War with the Newts (Valka s mloky, 2005), the symphonic overture The Bourgeois Gentleman (Mestak slechticem, 2007); the symphonic poem Radobyl (2010; first performance by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra); and the ballet Goldilocks (Zlatovlaska, 2006).

Vladimir Franz has also composed organ and drums variations Dialogues (Dialogy), organ Variations in Homage to IV of Drazice (Variace k pocte Jana IV z Drazic), Variations in Homage to St George (Variace k pocte sv. Jiri), Variations in Homage to St Wenceslas (Variace k pocte sv. Vaclava), Variations in Homage to St John of Nepomuk (Variace k pocte sv. Jana Nepomuckeho),Homage to Vitkov Hill (Pocta hore Vitkov) and cycles of madrigals Choruses from Oedipus the King (Sbory z Krale Oidipa), Theatre Madrigals (Divadelni madrigaly) and The Radiant Night (Zarici noc).

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